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Facial Palsy
      Dr. Antony Aravind has 22 years of experience in plastic surgery. The cosmetic and reconstructive surgical team has had many years experience in dealing with cosmetic issues relating to enhancement of beauty and those with disfigurement. Lip enhancement, use of botox, fillers and demabrasion are part of their routine outpatient procedures. Tummy tuck in, scar removal, male breast reduction are some cosmetic surgery procedures done routinely. plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, face lifts, botox, fillers, lip enhancement, mole removal, baldness, skin tags, rhinoplasty, nose jobs, nose corrections, skin rejuvenation, non-surgical procedures, breast enlargement, wrinkles, ear defects, cancer reconstruction, oral cancers, post trauma defects, experienced plastic surgeons
     Dr.Shivaram Bharathwaj is a leading cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon in Chennai with 22 years of experience. The team has gained good reputation as one of the leading cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons in the country. The cosmetic procedures relate to liposuction, face lift, rhinoplasty or nose jobs, breast enhancement and reduction, abdominoplasty or tummy tuck-ins, male breast liposuction and are well versed in dealing with similar problems in both men and women.Facial palsy is another area of expertise. Cosmetic surgery in chennai, affordable, apollo, removal of moles, skin rejuvenation, breast reduction, breast implant, birth defects, chemical peel,liposuction, nose jobs, experienced plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons
Dr.Rajan, a part of the plastic surgical group,chennai is extemely disciplined with his army background. As part of the team he is experienced in all cosmetic surgeries, liposuction procedures, abdominoplasty, hair transplant and reconstruction procedures. The plastic surgery group attracts patients from over the world and the satisfaction results are particularly high for breast enhancement, breast reduction and breast reconstruction.
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