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  • 11th September2018
    Dr. Shivaram Bharathwaj and Team receives Clinical Excellence award from Apollo Hospitals Founder
    35th anniversary celebrations of Apollo hospitals
    Thw Award in Clinical Excellence comes as a recognition of 23 years of good work in the department of plastic and reconstructive surgery.
    The team consisting of Dr.Shivaram Bharathwaj, Dr.Antony Aravind and Dr.G.B.Rajan were felicitated o the 35th anniversary of the Apollo Hospitals. The Hospital has provided a world class working environment to cater to International patients to these talented surgeons.

  • 20 Feb2019
    Yellow patches on your eyelids-Xanthelasma
    Many women and some men develop yellow patches on their eyelids in their forties and fifties.
    It could be associated with a high cholesterol level or normal cholesterol levels. Even if the treatment for blood levels of cholesterol are carried out, the patches remain.
    A simple day procedure can get rid of these unsightly patches. Fix an appointment an see how easy it is to have beautiful eyelids once again.

  • 18 Jan2018
    Breast Reconstruction Awareness -Know your options
    When many women have been diagnosed with breast cancer, the overwhelming worry is about the tumour. They fail to discuss the option of reconstruction with a reconstructive plastic surgeon. The choice is not restricted to implants but to have a breast fashioned from their own tissues elsewhere by using micro vascular procedures. Many women who have opted for reconstruction have a higher satisfaction score following mastectomy.
  • 18 july2017
    When people go under the knife, they're focusing more and more on fat, fillers and facelifts to achieve the perfect selfie. According to data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there have been upticks in facelifts, fat transplants and injectables—and Instagram filters might be the reason.
    There were almost 1.8 million cosmetic surgeries performed in 2016. And there were a whopping 15.5 million minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures performed last year.