The reconstruction can be done at various stages in the treatment of the malignancy.

The free tissue transfer involves micro vascular surgery where muscle from the abdominal wall along with its blood supply, fashioned into the shape of a breast is put in place over the site of mastectomy. Such a breast has the shape of a normal breast but the patient will be unable to feel as there is no nerve supply.

Breast Reconstruction

Following removal of the breast for malignancy, the patient can choose to have reconstruction of the breast.

This option is offered at the initial stage prior to mastectomy as involving the plastic and reconstructive surgeon at this early stage will lead to better aesthetic outcome in results. The Oncology surgeon will refer more often only if the patient asks for it.

Dr. Shivaram Bharathwaj has been involved in a number of breast reconstructions following mastectomy with very satisfactory results.

Any patient who looses a breast undergoes considerable mental anguish and a severe loss of confidence. A boost to self image often works very positively in the overall personality.

The options discussed are

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