Breast surgey is a procedure which is required for disease conditions, cosmetic reasons and gender reassignment. The types of surgery for the breast usually performed are:

As techniques have been refined, many ideas have emerged that have brought breast surgery as a very safe procedure.

Breast Surgery - Types

Breast Surgery is a very safe and has a high satisfaction score by patients. During the first consultation, Dr. Shivaram Bharathwaj will spend considerable time in looking at the requirements of patients. After discussing the various options available, anaesthetic fitness will need to be obtained. The admission is done one day prior to the surgery as the patient needs to be on an empty stomach for the procedure. Most breast surgeries take anywhere between three to four hours. Once transferred to the ward, pain killers will be addministered and discharge can be done the next day depending on the procedure. The review will be done to remove the sutures and look for any healing issues. If any drug allergy or keloid tendencies are there, it should be informed prior to surgery.